The Kiladejo Crown Foundation (KCF) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization devoted to the advancement of humanity and the improvement of the living standards of the people of Ondo Kingdom in Particular, and Nigeria as a whole. The foundation was established by the Kiladejo Royal Dynasty as its contribution to the development of Ondo Kingdom and, specifically to serve as a rallying point for promoting health, and improving the social status of the people.


KCF’s vision is to serve as a catalyst for the transformation and Comprehensive socio-economic development of Ondo Kingdom and its environs through poverty alleviation, and by increasing the capacity of individuals and communities to seek peaceful co-existence and to preserve the rich cultural traditions and values of our purpose.


KCF’s mission is to leverage all available human, technical and institutional resources nationally and internationally towards the development of Ondo Kingdom, with the objective burden among the people of Ondo Kingdom and its environs.


The goal of KCF is to contribute to the attainment of the achievement Goals (MDG) in Ondo kingdom, with particular emphasis on improving various economics empowerment.

KCF was found on 11th November 2007, and was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria on November 5, 2008, with registration number CAC/IT/NO30032. KCF was specifically founded to foster the socio-economic well-being and development of Ondo Kingdom. The visionary and patron of the project is His Royal Majesty, Oba Victor Adesimbo A. Kiladejo, the Osemaww (King) namely Ondo West, Ondo East and Ondo LGAs, with a combined population of 588,771 based on the 2005 Nigerian Population census. The major Town within the Kingdom includes Ondo, Laje, Epe, as well as several adjoining villages and communities.



To contribute to the improvement of health care delivery in Ondo kingdom, with Particular emphasis on the prevention, control and impact mitigation of high prevalent diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, Cancer and non-communicable diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus;
To champion the total eradication of illiteracy from Ondo Kingdom, and to align the entire community, its administrative processes and governance to achieving the goal of education for All (EFA) by 2015;
To make substantial contributions to ongoing efforts aimed at significantly eradicating the pervasive poverty among the people of Ondo Kingdom and environs;

To promote the social welfare of prisoners in Ondo Kingdom by maintaining a sustained program on prisoner’s rehabilitation, reformation and re-integration; and
To advocate for appropriate and relevant policy changes and programs aimed at improving the socio-economic welfare and development of all citizens of Ondo Kingdom.



Areas of focus in health care delivery include:

  • Maternal and Child Health to reduce the inordinately high rate of maternal and child mortality and to contribute to the attainment of the MDGs 4 and 5 in Ondo Kingdom
  • HIV prevention and care, with focus on the Prevention of mother to Child Transaction (PMTCT), with particular emphasis on reducing the social stigma associated with the virus among pregnant woman.
  • Screening and treatment referrals for cervical cancer.
  • Malaria prevention, treatment and eradication.
  • Public health education, screening and treatment referral for hypertension and diabetes mellitus



The main focus of the educational program of KCF includes the following:

  • Financial Award & scholarship for indigent students
  • Adult Literacy Campaign
  • Computer Education Program for Youths


Economic empowerment

KCF will undertake the following among others:

  • Skill acquisition programmes such as tailoring , soap making, tie and dye, arts and crafts, amongst others
  • Entrepreneurial skills development
  • Revolving Micro-credit financing

Prisoner’s rehabilitation and reintegration

The Foundation’s strategy for prisoners’ rehabilitation and reintegration include:

  • Provides prisoners’ with opportunity to reintegrate into mainstream society.
  • To enable ex-convict to conduct self development programmes with emphasis on value clarification and re-orientation
  • To establish a ‘High Way House for ex-convicts, as an intermediary house to care for prisoners after their release from prison before re-uniting with their families and relations.


Public Education and Advocacy

Public education and Advocacy (PEA) will be important strategies for achieving the goal and objectives of KCF. This will serve to align the foundation with government’s objectives and programs at all levels. PAE programming will includes the following:

  • Periodic public education lectures, seminars and town meetings on the four key areas of health, education, poverty alleviation and rehabilitation of prisoners;
  • Advocacy meetings with state and Local Government Councils on matters related to the aforementioned areas; and
  • Dissemination of information on the successes and achievements of KCF, as well as documentation of best practices from other places on issues relating to health, education, poverty alleviation and prisoners’ rehabilitation.


  • Annual Kiladejo Crown Foundation Lectures:
    This is a forum to synthesize and harness ideas on societal development and nation building. Prominent individuals in the society would be invited to deliver guest lectures to promote the work of the Foundation and to engender community buy-in into the programme activities.
  • Annual Arts & Craft inter-schools Competition: this is a competition to discover budding young talents skillful in traditional arts and craft that will help to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Ondo Kingdom.


KCF operates with through:

  • Regular fundraising from national and international sources in support of its programmes
  • Organizing high priority programmes in fulfillment of its strategic goals and objectives.
  • Collaboration with similar organizations nationally and internationally.
  • Development and implementation of its strategic and business plan


KCF is a pet project of His Royal Majesty, Oba Dr. Victor Adesimbo A, Kiladejo, CFR, the Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom, and thus at the onset, the main funding comes from his office. Other potential sources of funding to be explored in future include grants and donations from government and non-governmental organizations. Donations are also welcome from indigenes and friends of Ondo Kingdom, both at home and in the Diaspora.


For information on programmatic and other activities of KCF, please contact:

Dr Adegbenga Kiladejo
c/o Osemawe Palace
P. Box 31, Ondo

8 Akinnola Street,
Off Gani Fawehinmi Road, Ondo,
Ondo State, Nigeria.

Tel: 234(0)8139455498

HRM, Oba Dr. Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo sponsored free surgery for patients with cleft lips and palate